Will yoga eventually lead to happiness?


Does practising yoga make you happy in the long-term? Or is it just a waste of time?

When you put ‘benefits of yoga’ into the search engine of Google, you will find at least 4’950’000 entries. I actually came upon the key words ‘makes you happier’. There is so much more to read about the advantages of yoga: helps you focus,  relaxes your system,  helps you sleep better, boosts your immune system, gives you peace of mind and more. I just mentioned the ones that are my weaknesses in life.

I haven’t looked at yoga from this perspective at any time in my life. My pediatrician was probably the first one who suggested me yoga, autogenic training and the like. I heard it once or twice, then I forgot about it. Seriously?! I am 26 years old now and still feeling fit and healthy with my lifestyle. I would like to give my best at work, then organize get togethers with friends for right after work – this should include sports, because I am so energetic – I want to cook healthy, I want to read and study languages and so much more. So, why should I be doing yoga? For me, there is only one answer: I need to learn how to relax in the most stressful moments in life. I know that much! However, I am still not convinced that yoga IS IT! However, I wouldn’t be writing about it right now if I thought it couldn’t help at all.

Often, people have a big influence on you; especially good people. People, who truly want to help you. I am thinking of them right now. My pediatrician, who’s known me for a very long time and who’s never given me the wrong remedies – an intelligent person whom I can trust. Then, there is a close friend who’s having very similar thoughts regarding living the best life you can. This person reads a lot about ‘worldly wisdoms’ such as love of attraction, the power of now, self-love and so on. She swears of meditation. Now, I am thinking of all the serious, deep conversations we had. This person has had or is having the same struggles as I am having and it connects us (besides more things). It is especially interesting that she talked of meditation, since it’s not that different from yoga. My flat mate, who’s never lied to me once (from what I know) and who’s into all those subjects as well. The one who told me that I’d gain so much more time if I mastered to stop thinking. He did express his doubts about yoga though, but for him, it has a different significance (stretching). After I told him that it might help me to calm down, he agreed that it could be worth giving it a try. Then, there were a few more professionals who advised me on the same. One of them did so just about a week ago. As you notice from the above written, it seems that there are only positive effects of yoga; let’s see if there are any negatives sides to it, too.

Honestly, I couldn’t find any trustworthy text on that. What we all know, is that yoga can cause damages while performed inaproppriately, but this counts for each sport.

As you can see, many of the loving persons who surround me have given me advice on mediation, autogenic training, yoga, focus on the present and more the like.

So, I just tried. I went to a yoga class in gym and I’d like to share my experience with you. I felt a little bit insecure, because I didn’t know many of the poses they did. It was all new to me. To me, it was quite awkward when everyone was pressing out short, loud breaths. It was just the sound, honestly. Not more than that. During the whole time, I tried to focus on my body, the present and either not thinking or even doing the thought stop technique. I couldn’t do it. My mind driftet away several times. I don’t know anymore what thoughts I had.

At the end, when we were lying on the back, I suddenly felt strong back pain. My muscles were on fire! That was so strange and scary!!! I didn’t know what it was, but then, it was gone the next day.

After the yoga class, I had the feeling of being in a trance. How can I possibly describe it rationally to someone who hasn’t done yoga once? I was feeling tired; but not mentally. Even though I wanted to walk faster after the class, I couldn’t. Time was getting tight after the yoga, because I had to prepare brunch for my sister and I hadn’t even gone to buy bread, butter etc. before.

The Phrase that I have just written, doesn’t describe the state I was in after the class. I knew I had to do all that within a short time, but somehow it just didn’t bother me. ‘Normally, it would have freaked me out’. I got it all sorted out in time by the way.

This was my first yoga experience. It was nice, because I didn’t have any disturbing thoughts after the class. My mind felt empty and put to rest (or standby). But, I would like to point out that so far, I only have done it once and I am not able to come to any conclusion. I cannot tell you, if it will help me to get happier in life. I guess it has to be practised like anything else in life.

I had written all the above before the second yoga class I attented with my friend on Sunday. I was less concentrated and had to laugh a few times, because she was next to me and I thought she would see the pain I was feeling and that I wasn’t very good at stretching. That day’s experience was quite similar to the one of the first yoga class except for the strong pain I was feeling. It was so much stronger! Well, I only can blame myselft. Seriously, I started yoga with the thought of using it as a ‘rest’ from my other training’. Actually, on Friday, I had done my new gym program for about 45 minutes, then went to bodytoning class for an hour (it is one of my favourites) and later on went dancing for about four hours. The day after, I spent with friends at the lake. So, you can imagine my energy wasn’t up to a 100%. Then, I went to yoga class on Sunday morning and ever since then, I’ve been in pain. Let me tell you: Yoga is not as relaxing for your body as you might imagine.


Santa Catalina – Panama – Happy Days

I would like to make another entry about this year’s traveling to Panama.

We were staying in Santa Catalina for three days. It was April 18th when we arrived there around two o’clock. After the van had dropped us off, we had to pass a river with our luggage first, which was easy.

After the room keys were distributed, we went to check out our bungalows. It is such a nice place with all the small houses where we’re staying at. There are blue, pink and green ones. The beach is only a few steps away. There are also beach chairs. The place is owned and run by a Italian family. Everything is small and cozy. I can picture myself working there. This might be what I want and what could make me happy.

On our first afternoon there, I did a lot of wave jumping. It seems like I could do this forever. I just enjoyed my own company.

I also tried to balance on the rope that was attached to two trees. I was wondering if I’d be able to do more than three steps on it before we were going to leave again.

In the evening, we had dinner at the restaurant there. I enjoyed my Spaghetti Carbonara as well as the coco flan and espresso for dessert.

On April the 19th we could have gone snorkeling, but I didn’t, since the first time, it hadn’t been amazing and I had gotten bored quickly.

Most of the group did that and left at 7. They woke me up and so I went for a short run after 7:30. At the end, I did some squats.

45 minutes later, I went for breakfast and talked a little bit to the surf guide; in Spanish. Using my language skills makes me also happy. Plus, you actually feel like being in Panama when you are not surrounded by people who only speak English or German.

While I was waiting for breakfast, the surf guide told me that in the morning, I could pass the rocks at the beach and reach a bigger bay then the one in front of the bungalows. He told me that he would show me where to go. That day, I thought I’d check it out walking and the day after, I’d go running there.

Well, my plans changed slightly. You just have to accept it and then it’s all fine. At the end, I went walking to the next bay without any advice on that day. Stepping over rocks was quite fun. Once I had reached the next small bay, I was so impressed. I can hardly describe the feeling. There was not one person. Around you, everything was green. Opposite was the sea with its deep blue color. It was so nice. Then I discovered something that looked like a cave from the distance. After a short swim and resting, I walked towards it and was very excited. When I reached it, I noticed that it wasn’t an actual cave, but some kind of a stone roof. I liked it haha.
Then I walked some more, to have a look around the next corner, since I wanted to see if another bay would be accessible. There were only rocks though; as far as I could see. Then, I turned around.

Upon the guide’s recommendation, we canceled the surf lesson; the sea was too rough.

So, I kept myself otherwise busy: Hang out with a girl, balanced on the rope, went swimming, had lunch, accompanied another girl for lunch, went swimming some more, was reading for a while, went to dinner in town with some of the group and then joined the bonfire at the beach, which was rather lame that night. Everybody was tired because of the trip to Coiba (snorkeling).

The next day, I had a surf lesson starting around 8 am. I loved it! Really wanna go surfing somewhere in summer.

After the lesson, I went for breakfast at the place we were staying at. There were others of the group, too. I really recommend the pancakes with chocolate chips. They are delicious; wow!

I don’t remember what I did exactly. I do know I did exercises at the beach at some point; squats and such. It is so nice when you can watch the sea at the same time. Later, I walked to the next bay with a group mate, went swimming, practice more on the rope (gave it up after I hurt myself), read part of my book, had dinner there with everyone and then joined the bonfire which was a lot more fun then the first one, because people actually danced reggaeton. It became late until everyone left.

The next morning, we left early for Panama City. New adventure ahead!


Bocas del Toro – Happy Panama


Hi everyone,

If you’re following my blog, you know how I feel about traveling. I love it and whenever I have the opportunity, I go abroad for some time. It is usually a different country each time I go.

I guess you know that I am on a trip momentarily. It is a group tour with only young people. I didn’t know anyone before, but that was totally fine with me.
Surely, you are interested in the country I am in. It is Panama. The cute town we were in a couple of days ago is called Bocas del Toro. I like it a lot, because it is a very charming town with its Caribbean touch (the music, the colorful houses etc.). On our last day in Bocas del Toro we slept in, since we had gone out the night before. Well, sleeping in means 9 am. I was still having jetlag and normally, I woke up at 5 every day. That morning, I think it was 7 . I had been hungry, but waited for the other girls to go to this delicious breakfast place called John’s Bakery. I chose banana nutella pancakes and they were very tasty. The coffee rounded it all up! After that, everybody got ready (about 8 girls) and we took a water taxi / boat that brought us to this beautiful island called Red Frog for $5 per person. The entry of another $15 is totally worth it! I am so happy we went there! Back to the boat ride. It was a lot of fun, but also a bit scary. It was going fast and I was sitting in the front, holding on to the railing lol. Once we arrived, we arranged a pickup time with the driver straight away. I actually would recommend that. If you do, you won’t have to wait for very long until you can go back. This is convenient when traveling with a group who likes to have dinner together at a certain time. It’s another $5 per person.

Again, you must spend that money for the boat taxis and entry fee and you mustn’t miss Red Frog Beach!

After we had paid, we walked for about 15 minutes until we got to the beach. The pathway was leading through the woods and if you like nature, you’ll be excited about the short walk. We didn’t see any red frogs that day though; not even on the path.

As soon as we stepped out of the woods and onto the sand, we were all overwhelmed. The water was so clear. Further away its color was dark blue.

As it is with girls, we had to do a foto shoot after we settled on the sand.

There was a nice spot by a tree in front of the sea to take nice pictures.

After that, everyone did his or her own business. I didn’t need much time until I ran into the water and went wave jumping. I love that so much and usually, I can easily stay in the water doing that for an hour. Sometimes I cheer as delighted as I am. I just feel like a kid and that is amazing.

The sky was also cloudless and that made it to a perfect day!

When I got hungry, I walked up to a taco bar with another girl whom I like and had a burger. Normally, I rather have local food, but not that day. While eating we listened to some Latin music and it went straight to my heart. This music makes me always very happy. Also that day.

When our bellies were full we went back to the water and did more wave jumping.

A couple of hours later, we were heading back to town.

No need to talk about dinner and the parties now ;).

It was a good day, because there was so much around that made me happy: the beach, sea, waves, sun and latin music. Why have I moved to another country yet?

I wonder if you’ve had similar experiences and feelings as I did.

Let me know!

Your girl

Experiment #4 – result

Hi there,

even though I am in Costa Rica right now, I’d like to describe my experiment ##4.

I did read, but I don’t think it was as much as I wanted to when I first thought of that experiment, which is sad, because I used to read very often and I still would like to learn new English words.

I have been reading Games Of Thrones and I really like the words they use. In my opinion, they do not just use basic expressions and that’s what I like about this book.

I know that lots of people watched the series. I never was into that. When I told someone that I like to read science fiction though, he let me borrow his book. Have you read the book, too?

Since I didn’t bring the list with the words I liked and thought were useful to keep in mind or even use them in texts myself with me, I can’t tell you if I wrote down as many words as I wanted to, but I reckon I didn’t.

I remember some of the words (since I wanted to actually study them, they should all still be present, but I doubt they are.

So, here are some of the words I wanted to keep in mind: holdfast, hearth, realm, barrow, tedious. This isn’t much at all! So, yes, I definitively will have to repeat those words once I get back to Switzerland!

I guess this was only partly a fail, because I did read, I did write down words and I did try to know them by heart! I just could have dedicated more time to reading. To me, it is not a must, but fun. Reading gives you so much. For instance, you can totally block out the real world and sink into the story you’re reading (the same happens to me while writing by the way). Therefore, it helps you to relax. Then, as I pointed out earlier, you will get better at the language the book is written in. You learn new words and make yourself more familiar with the language’s grammar. If you don’t just read fiction, but scientific books about psychology, politics, geographic or anything like that, you also learn new things that aren’t just related to the language.

So, even though this experiment didn’t turn out really well, I won’t completely stop it. For me, it is completed as a 30-days-challenge, but behind the surface, it will continue or restart. What I am not sure about is, if I still will jot down and study words. Would be great, though. I am eager to improve all the languages I know. It is interesting because then you are able to talk to other nationalities about anything, it makes traveling easier and personally, I will seem even more professional at work then. You see, my motivation is speaking now!

Liebe Grüsse
Kind regards
Un abrazo
Un bisoux

30-days Experiment #3 – result

Dear follower,

Before you read this outcome, you might want to read about my experiment #1. There, I took the decision to make a 30-days-challenge to make my life more diversified and interesting. Now, you might want to read the full result of the first experiment here. You have probably noticed that I wasn’t the best student at math. Because, after I had ended my first experiment, I created two more, but then I called them #3+4. Before you continue reading, you should read what they are about.

I know, this blog entry was due to mid March, since the experiment ended then. Maybe I was ashamed of talking about the “result”. Or, I thought I could turn it around still…giving it more time. Screw it! I am a loser. Do you want to know why I feel that way? I hadn’t even tried to do the thought stop technique. I don’t know why I didn’t do it. Maybe, suddenly, it didn’t make sense to me anymore. Or, I might just not be patient enough and feel like I am losing valuable time when I could be doing other things. Even when I talked about it to the person who normally inspires me a lot, my behavior didn’t change after. I have no explanation for it. I mean, what the person said, was probably correct and helpful. I guess you’re curious by now and want to know what the person told me. She said that I should do the breathing & not thinking exercises! The person’s reasoning was the following: If I did that, I would SAVE time. SAVE time? Seriously? What was that about? Let me explain the person’s thinking to you: The person said that once I got to the point where I could stop my thoughts like that, I would save a lot of time, because normally, people really do have unnecessary thoughts. In life, circumstances can change – only with a snap. Do you share the person’s opinion? When I am thinking of the last few lines I’ve just written, then I totally agree. I know that my mind is always racing about EVERYTHING. If I could just relax more often and get my head cleared out, then I would probably know better what to do and wouldn’t lose so much time anymore. Still, my motivation wasn’t big enough. Was it maybe fear? Or was it too uncomfortable for me, since it needs patience and concentration which probably are some of my weaknesses? I don’t know. I am also not sure if I should try it again or not. Unfortunately, I am rather the person that gives up after a failure instead of having the thought to prove myself or others. May I ask you for your recommendation on this? Would you try it again or do you think that’s just not me and I should dump it? Please, leave a comment below.

I will talk about the result of experiment #4 on another day, since I will be travelling (my passion) very soon.


Reasons why you might stay unhappy

Hey, I am back. As you probably already know from older posts, I want to be happy and carefree. This wish is huge, and I am trying to share it with you, because I want you to become or be happy as well. That’s what we all wish for, right? I am pretty sure that people can inspire each other, and I really think this idea is great. Imagine that we all do that, no matter on what subject. We would do what we want to; pursuing our dreams instead of trying to fit into this world. Eventually, everybody would succeed.

Not long ago, I read that pursuing happiness can make you even unhappier. This makes totally sense, right? When you are searching for something, then you are unhappy with the current situation. When I read that article for the first time, I only agreed with it. But then, if you are trying to be happy with what you already have, which is great and which you really should do, and afterwards, you fail with that trying, there must be something that is not right in your current life, even though you’re already grateful for the things you have. When you were happy with everything, then you wouldn’t be looking for that one thing; whatever it is. What do YOU think about that?

I have tried several methods that might help reaching my goal to be(come) happy. Then, I also thought of my passion and I guess at the moment, it is skiing. Another one could be surfing, but since I only tried it twice, it is hard to know if it already is or not. Then again, when I hear other people talking about joining surf camps, I have the urge to go surfing, too. Since I have been thinking and reading a lot about the theme of being happy, I looked for reasons in my personal life to be happy. Also, I have often heard  that you should think positively and I am trying to do that every day, but I fail so many times. For me, failure is not a motivator, but it usually seems to destroy me a little bit more each time I experience it. You see that I am still struggling even though I am looking for several answers and/or solutions to my problem. Maybe THAT is the problem. Looking for answers instead of relaxing. However, I have the feeling that something is missing in my life. I have no idea what it is, but even though I want to badly, I cannot abandon that thought. It is devastating when you don’t know what makes you feel that way. Of course, you have assumptions, but no certain answer. That kills you eventually.

In the past weeks, I have been melancholic. When I think about my behavior, I shouldn’t be surprised though.

Here’s why I might be truly unhappy (even though I think it is mostly the strange feeling of something missing in my life):

  • I have been feeling down and I just wanted to be alone. Consequently, I retreated – I hadn’t been wanting to see anyone. That’s probably one of the worst things you can do! I mean, normally, when you are feeling down, you get even more depressed lying around. There might be friends out there who love you and make you feel better. However, I hadn’t been trying.
  • I still have a very negative attitude; also, when other people / friends are around me. That’s another bad thing. You would like to share your feelings with them, but people don’t want to hang around negative persons and so you will be alone at the end, which leads back to point number one.
  • There is also my willingness of perfection. I am struggling a lot with that. I want to be perfect and I want to do everything perfectly in my life, but it is just not possible. Well, some say you should set very high goals and some say you should be realistic and go step by step. This is still to be discussed. I mean, I have high standards when it comes to myself, which isn’t a bad thing you would think, but it is quite likely very unhealthy. When I am not able to meet my own standards, then I am usually even more unmotivated because for me, it equals failure and as a perfectionist, there shouldn’t be ANY failure in life. Others might argue that failures only make you stronger, but I don’t quite agree with that…
  • In all articles about happiness, it is also said that you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. I wished it was so easy. It seems impossible for me. This is probably also connected to the above point. I said that I have high standards and strive for perfection rather as for progress. One of my goals is to have the perfect body. For me, it means to have visible muscles, certain feminine curves, and a very small fat content. Of course, this should happen in three months, because in this world, especially in Switzerland, everything must go fast. So, in the hope of becoming more motivated and of reaching my goals, I follow all those fitness models on Instagram. Then of course, there are friends who post pictures of their beach body and you also see women training at gym. I compare myself to everyone and you know what? Instead of getting that motivation, it makes me unhappy, because I want what they already have, and I start losing hope, because I think they all have reached that in a short time. It bothers me mostly when I know that person, when it is a friend, instead of being happy for her. Isn’t this strange? Doing my job, I also compare myself to the whole world; no matter what background they have. I think of the best ones. I want to be on the same level. This might be a very wrong ratio, but I still do that. See, this is already my fourth reason I might still not be happy.
  • My next point is talking about still not living in the here and now. I am already thinking about my future, even though everything might change from one day to the next unexpectedly. I am not sure about anything. So, I am already thinking of the mañana: What should I do in a few months or years? Where shall I live? Staying in Switzerland or leaving? Which things shall I pursue? What will be my priority? What will be my role in this life, in this world? These are just some of the questions that leave my head spinning and that distract me from the here and now. Honestly, I had written a lot more to that point, but then deleted it again. The internet is not the place to tell everything. You know exactly what I mean. For you to understand: I am thinking so much of my future that I might not be enjoying or noticing what’s happening around me right now. I might miss life. This is against all the rules of being happy. I hope, it will all come to a happy end.
  • When I read through the above written, it seems like I am a lost case. It is like I will never be happy. Right now, I have no solutions and honestly, I am tired of overthinking. I just want to be happy – that’s all. I want my life to be calm and especially my mind to come to a rest. I just cannot stop my thoughts now. It is a huge burden that I don’t want to carry too much longer. Once my mind comes to a rest, I might be willing to have further thoughts, but right now, I am just very tired and wish to get my head cleared out.

New case study – Pursuing happiness can make you unhappier


New case study – Pursuing happiness can make you unhappier

Oh my gosh, guys! I have just come over an article that might turn my life upside down! I could delete my blog altogether if believing that case study.

If you have followed my blog, then you know that I am writing about methods for being happy, right? I have been asking myself how I could become happier, because lately, I’ve been feeling down a lot. Let’s face it: The article says that this search could eventually make you less happy. The solution is to act like we are already happy. Of course, somehow, we already know, but we still look for more. Please correct me if I am wrong. We want to be happier, because we think we are not fully satisfied. You can look at the pursuit of happiness as a never-ending goal – if we look for more instead of being happy with our present life.

Please, read the below article to understand why I am having such thoughts right now, because I left out one detail: People that strive for becoming happy also think that they are running out of time. Not very helpful…


I also found some summaries in German:




For me, the two best points are, firstly, to believe that you are already happy to a certain degree and, secondly, that you should be grateful for the little things that bring joy to your life.

So, I took a moment to list things for which I can be grateful; several points proving why I AM ALREADY HAPPY.

  • I have friends that listen to my problems and help me to find solutions
  • I have family that will always hold my back
  • I have caring and fun flat mates with whom I feel comfortable
  • I am living in a secure, politically, and economically stable country
  • I don’t have to worry about having enough food or clean drinking water
  • I can afford a big and nicely furnished room in a modern flat in an expensive town
  • I have a diversified job that makes it possible to travel the world
  • I can travel to foreign countries for vacation
  • I have visited foreign countries
  • I am healthy and in shape
  • I can think rationally
  • I am a good listener
  • I have values
  • I can go skiing

This list is finished now, but I know that I will be able to add more things, because each day, there is something you can be grateful for.

Have you tried anything like that or maybe even read the same article as I did?

Please, share your comments here. I am excited to know why YOUR ARE HAPPY. Explain your gratefulness!