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Hallo lieber Leser, hallo liebe Leserin, Schön dich kennen zu lernen! Ich heisse Laura, bin 25 Jahre alt und komme ursprünglich aus dem Kanton Sankt Gallen. Nun wohne ich in Zürich und arbeite als Réceptionistin. In meiner Freizeit treibe ich gerne Sport, lese oft, habe das Malen wieder entdeckt und bin gerne in der Natur. Wann immer ich Ferien habe, verreise ich. Bestimmt fragst du dich, warum genau ich dir erzählen will, wie du im Leben glücklich und zufrieden wirst. Ich erkläre es dir gerne. Ich bin keine Fachperson auf diesem Gebiet, jedoch habe ich immer wieder mit Trauer und Sorgen im Leben zu kämpfen. Mir ist es deswegen äusserst wichtig, mein Leben zu geniessen. Genau deswegen habe ich mir bereits Strategien dafür erarbeitet. In den letzten Jahren habe ich vieles hinzu gelernt und möchte dir das gerne weitergeben. So wie ich mir geholfen habe, möchte ich auch dir helfen. Wir alle werden es schaffen, ein glückliches und sorgenfreies Leben zu führen!

Two more experiences with Body pump

Dear reader, 

Do you think I surrendered to Body pump class? 

No way! 

But first, I’d like to thank you for coming back to my website. Before you start reading this article, go to the first one I wrote on this topic, please. 

Like I had mentioned in the first blog post about Body pump class, I meant to join the class again and that’s what I did. 

So, the second time I went, I grabbed all the weight plates I had described in the first blog post about Body pump. I did not have to walk back later to serve myself with more weight. Sometimes, I lifted 7.5 kg, for other exercises only 5 kg. The instructor quite often announced how much weight she suggested us to lift; take double, only one third of the weight we had lifted earlier, less etc. That helped a lot! 

The changing of the weight plates always takes its time, but, on this occasion, I was faster doing that, and this was good. 

For me, a devotional instructor is very important for the class, because he or she can attribute so much. I love it when they try to motivate us to lift more weight when we think we can’t no more or also, when they say funny things to spur us on to do it. This one did that, and I will remember her name to join HER class again (weeks later I am not so sure anymore…I remember the location of the gym haha and I think it’s Sophie). I felt comfortable this time, too. Not just because of her, but also because I felt way more secure than last time. As I had presumed, I knew the sequences / the exercises better, even though I wasn’t familiar with all the terminologies, but I will stay positive and I know that I will learn them soon enough. All that it takes to make progress is motivation, focus and especially determination. My affirmation is to get better at anything in life; without putting too much pressure on myself anymore and trying to avoid the thought of perfection. 

Looking back on that class once more, I felt great after the hard work out! I can’t even describe it, but the feeling was awesome. The vibe of being powered out. The sensation of strength in all my muscles and the pulsing going through them. It was like being born again. I hadn’t felt like that for a long, long time; maybe for too long. I was overwhelmed by the release of my endorphins; no lying. I was also proud. No one can take away THAT feeling from me. I just felt whole. 

So, this was my second experience. As mentioned earlier, I had a third one. Body pump class was noted in my agenda for 7 o’clock in the morning. The day before, I had worked until 11 pm and normally, I am not asleep before 1 pm. You know what it is like: You arrive at home, eat something, because it’s been hours since you last did that, you check Facebook for the latest news, you scroll through Instagram and think about a great picture you could post at that hour, which, of course, everyone should see, because everyone is up late (coughing), you answer all the messages on WhatsApp that had arrived after your dinner break, and so on. 

However, my alarm clock was set for 6 am or even some time before. When it rang, I woke up thinking about how crazy I was. I turned the alarm off and rolled over; going back to sleep. That’s what I thought I was going to do at least. No way! My mind had already been set up to join that class the day before and this thought wouldn’t’ vanish that morning anymore. Plus, I thought about the possibility that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep anymore and THAT would really suck. Imagine! You miss Body pump, because you are too lazy to get up and you think you can’t do it even though you would like to go to that class (if it hadn’t meant getting up at 6 am) and then you stay awake; either because you start on catching energy, you feel embarrassed, have a bad conscience or are even sad for not being gone to that class. 

After having read the lines above, you already know how this whole ‘thing’ ended. Yes, I did get up. Yes, I did go on the bus. Yes, I did ride to the gym. Yes, I did crab the entry for the class and, most importantly, I JOINED the class. 

It was fun, too. I liked the instructor also. She was young, but very professional and knew her business. She animated us to go slower on the exercises, she stopped the ones who released the squat and other positions before her, she motivated people to lift more weight if they didn’t get tired (with her words) and she pushed us to finish the exercise and to not give up before the last repeats. She was great! 

So, I just talked about her as a role model. I kind of rated her. Now, I would like to reflect my behavior during the class. I go hard on myself now. LOL. I liked the work out, but that time I was sure I could have pushed myself more. For once, I started with only 5 kg instead of 7,5kg. I know, it doesn’t sound like it would make a big difference, but believe me, it does. It is not just the weight itself, but also its relation to the number of repeats. However, it was a good realization. Next time, I should know how much weight plates I need to put on the barbell at the very beginning. Lesson learned (hopefully). 

During the class, you also do push-ups; with your body weight only (which is enough for me already haha). I did not make a big effort, though. This is bad. Do you know why that was? Any idea? Maybe you have guessed it. If not, no problem. I tell you. I am quite positive that it was my wrong mindset, which, unfortunately, is quite often my weakness. I usually do not do any push-ups at home or in gym. So, I thought that I would either be too weak or that I wouldn’t execute the exercise correctly. I will need to switch to positive thoughts right here, because I know ‘I CAN DO IT!’ 

There was another exercise (between the push-ups), where I had a similar problem. We had to be on our feet and pushing a weight plate over our head. I started with 5kg, but at some point, switched to 2.5kg, because I thought it got too heavy to do the lifting right. Then, I noticed we didn’t have to do many repeats and that I probably could have finished with the 5kg. You see, it is all about being mindful, getting to know your strengths, learn, stay focused and make progress. It is a long road to go (at any point in life), but finally, no matter how much time it takes you, you will reach the end. Never stop believing in yourself. You can achieve anything in life you want to. Try not to worry about people not giving you the time you need. If they do not support you, leave them; whether it concerns your private life or work. You will make new friends when you are ready. Hopefully, they will be persons whom you can trust; not like most of the population where you must question their messages, actions and intentions. Sorry about being so negative here. Regarding work: Have you thought about all the opportunities you have out there? Yes? Then you know you don’t have to worry. 

Sharing my experience, I would like you to motivate to never give up in life. Enjoy the learning progress and improve your personality, your work, your action; step by step. If you think it is about doing sports or not, you have taken the text wrong. If you think it is about getting better at SPORTS, you are closer to the meaning of this blog post, but you still haven’t quite understood, I am afraid. 

This text is about devoting yourself to anything in life and to know all the possibilities there are. It shows you that you can learn from bad experience and that one occasion shouldn’t make you think of giving up. Don’t give up just because something gets difficult! Try to endure it; it only makes you stronger. No one is born a master! Not Bill Gates, nor Mark Zuckerberg or Christiano Ronaldo. They all had to start somewhere. They all had to fight for the life they are having now. They all had to stand difficulties. They all had to try again and again.  

To conclude with my article, I would like to insert a famous quote by Winston Churchill.

 “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”



Bad experience: Bodypump class

Hi everybody, 

Welcome back to my blog! Have you missed me? I sure hope so. 

Today, I would like to talk about my bad experience with body pump class at gym. 

Once, I decided to join that class. I hadn’t been there for months I think. That week was only about my third time. 

I was motivated at the beginning, but my mood shifted soon. 

First, I had no idea what weights I would need. I tried to observe the others a little bit (grabbing their own weights) and then I just chose some weights. Well, that was a bad idea. It didn’t take long until I figured out that I did not have enough weight plates. That was bad enough, but then it got even worse. Between some exercises, I walked back to where the weights were. My mood didn’t get any better, because the wall where the weights had been was empty. ‘Oh great!’,  I thought. 

I walked back and joined the class again; with the weights I had. I got annoyed after a few minutes, because I had no trouble lifting those and doing all the repeats – I felt like the weight I had put on my bar was not enough at all, because I didn’t get to the point where I struggled breathing or started to feel dizzy. However, with the weight plates I had, I couldn’t have increased the overall weight. Those plates were either too light or, being lifted together, too heavy.  So, while doing all those exercises at the beginning, I was thinking that I wasn’t lifting hard enough and that this class would lead to nothing. Right there, my motivation was dumped. You know: Something like ‘I wouldn’t even have had to be bothered coming here’ or ‘If I only had done my personal lifting program’ etc. 

Luckily, when we needed the 5 kg weight plate, we only had to use one. So, I dared asking the girl next to me. She seemed to be bothered. I did not understand her reaction. It was one quick question that I had asked her. It shouldn’t have unfocused her, right? And c’mon, there were way too many persons in that room. This was another thing that annoyed me, but not as much as me not knowing how much weight plates I should have taken at the beginning, so that I could follow all the exercises and pushing myself to the limits. 

I really felt dumb and insecure in this class. I did not know how much weight plates I should have taken, I did not know how much weight I could even lift, I did not know how much weight I SHOULD lift, so that I would come to my limits without breaking down during the class and then, on top of all that, I did about two to three exercises wrong and was corrected by the instructor. I mean, I should be thankful for his tips, but I got even more annoyed, at myself, because one mistake shouldn’t have happened at all, since it was so obvious. Even though I am still embarrassed, I tell you what it was. We did forward lunges and instead of lifting the weight plate opposite my front bent knee, I put it up on the same side. As someone who’s been working out for years already, this is bad. Maybe I was just too stressed out to be able to focus. 

I know the instructor thought that it was my first time there, or, that at least I didn’t go there frequently. However, when (at the beginning of the class) he had asked all the participants if it was anyone’s first time, I did not put up my hand. It was too embarrassing to do so; that’s what I thought back then. I also told myself that it wasn’t my first time anyways. Well, maybe I should have put up my hand… 

Another circumstance I wasn’t happy about was that the room was packed. Of course, it was an evening class when everyone was done working, but still…after all that had happened to me during that class, I couldn’t be positive about that unchangeable fact, either (I guess I had to repeat this part). 

Towards the end, when I still put on the same weight as at the beginning or maybe even slightly more, I did get tired at the end and I did feel my muscles burning a little bit, but it wasn’t satisfying enough. 

In so many articles, I talked about the benefits of doing sports and how you would be feeling so much better after having worked out. Well, I guess I had a new experience last week. Instead of spreading all those hormones that would make you happy, I walked out of class being very frustrated. I wasn’t even proud of me for joining the class after so much time has passed. I couldn’t smile – I was only frustrated. That isn’t what you’re supposed to be feeling after sports, right? 

However, I will join the class again. You might be asking yourself why I would do that. 

Here is why: 

  • One bad experience doesn’t give you an overall view; it shouldn’t 
  • Next time, I will know what weight plates I should choose. It will be 4 weight plates of 2,5 kg each, 2 of 1,25kg each and 1 of 5kg. That should be okay for a start 
  • I will also know that I shouldn’t be worried about being selfish. There were so many participants who also had lots of weight plates. I would still share of course. 
  • I will be prepared for the evening class regarding the amount of people joining. I might also be going at a time when the room is less crowded. 
  • I know that variations of sports help the muscles grow and I know that this class can lead to a more toned body; two of my goals that I have set for myself. 
  • I don’t want to give up just because I failed once. 


Doing sports isn’t always fun and there is so much to learn about this wide subject and yourself. In my opinion, it is not about being the best, but it is about to go a little bit harder on yourself each time, to get better every time and to make progress. Your aim should never be perfection, because this is not possible. I probably forgot about that already at the beginning of the class. 

I had a bad experience and was frustrated after body pump. I felt insecure and uncomfortable during the whole class. However, I also learned how much weight plates I should take next time. The motion sequences will not be completely new to me anymore. I have new motivation now: Being wiser, prove it to myself and make progress in this class. Then I will walk out of that class proud and happy. 


Instagram – Is it a blessing or hell?

Hi there,

This time I would like to give Instagram a thought. My big question is, if Instagram is fun or if it only brings you down?

I hadn’t created an Instagram account until last September. A girl whom I met in Bali and who’s a good friend now, used it a lot and I think she also told me how great it was and that I should start a profile. Therefore, I became curious.

About at the same time, I started my blog. Nowadays, the word ‘influencer’ is known all over the world. A small dream started to grow in my mind. I hoped that through Instagram, more people would become aware of my blog and start following it or reading more and more articles. It always made me happy to notice that people are interested in what I am writing about (I usually tried to make readers aware of new articles on fakebook).

Instagram has become something else to me (next to the relation to my blog). It also became a motivator; at least I thought so when I started to follow all those fitnesshealth and model accounts (or the combination of those).

After months had passed, I asked myself if Instagram did me do any good or if it was driving me crazy (I might be exaggerating a bit here). I started to scroll through all those perfect profiles, admired their bodies and their discipline. It didn’t take long until the photos had a negative effect on me though. I got sad, because I had trained so much, but still didn’t look like them. That’s the worst thing you can do. Never compare yourself to others! You’re unique! You’re different! You’re great! Never stop telling this yourself. It is very important to me that you understand this. Otherwise, you will never ever be happy. You can read this EVERYWHERE. I also gave it a thought in my articles.
You see, I still haven’t been able to stop myself from doing comparisons. Maybe, before I can change that, I must find out the reason for it. What I can tell you, though, is, from my experience, regardless all the studies on the internet, that it makes my life more difficult with all the comparing. Why can’t I just be me? Why do I care so much about others’ skills? I would like to blend it all out and always give my best (although I am doing the latter already). I so wished I came away from the thought of perfection, though. The lack of easiness keeps me from living the life I want, because, how could you do yourself any good if you’re working so hard on everything with neglecting your needs? The very next sentence could become important to me: Sometimes, good is good enough.

I just got off the track. Let’s talk more about Instagram now.

I discovered another effect that Instagram has on me. Further above, I explained that I wished to gain more followers for my blog. However, I started to use Instagram for myself as well. What do I mean by ‘for myself’?

I started posting pictures of myself, food, my workouts etc. It was very important to me to get as many likes and followers as possible. I also wanted the world to comment on my pictures. To make that happen, I used as many hash tags as possible. So, this is what I DID. However, Instagram did something to me, too (as described above).

Therefore, I am not sure if Instagram is more like hell than anything else: Each time after I had uploaded a picture, I checked for the first like, but it didn’t stop there! I continued checking on the account – about every two minutes. This is crazy! Why would people do that? Why would I do that? What is wrong with society? What happened to us? Why is it so important to be tolerated by so many persons? I can’t give you an answer to any of my questions. I just can make assumptions; I think that many persons in the world have problems with self-confidence or self-love.  Maybe for them, it would be important to find out why. I am almost fully convinced that there must have been a time when they were not being loved or appreciated at all or, simply, got hurt and got disappointed by people. Maybe you should reflect a little bit on your past; just to understand and, maybe, to accept it, and go on. Possibly, you have better solutions here that you want to share with me.

Fact is, that I do not think that Instagram does me any good. I can’t think of many positive effects. Maybe, some positive quotes help me a little bit through the days. Nevertheless, you do not read those every day, right? Or if you do it on Instagram, then you’ll be confronted with other pictures or stories as well and you might lose focus on the positive thoughts. 

I also know a good friend who deleted his account, because he had been spending too much time on the app. I support that point of view, also. You can lose yourself on Instagram.

Honestly, I cannot think of plausible reasons to have an Instagram account. Ironically, I am still active on it and most likely, I am not going to delete it just yet.

Isn’t this weird?

Deleating it could be a method to be happier. That’s why I put this article under the title ‘methods’.

Let’s give some thoughts to it! Comment below and tell me your arguments.



Eigene Kurzgeschichte: Der Weg führt ins Unbekannte

Noch nicht genug bekommen von meinen Geschichten? So soll es sein. Ich habe nämlich nicht vor, damit aufzuhören. Es wird weiter gehen. Ob in solch regelmässigen Abständen wie in diesem Monat weiss ich noch nicht. Das Ziel wäre es ja schon, aber man legt die Prioritäten im Leben nicht immer gleich.

Nun, ich will dich jetzt nicht lange langweilen und ich auf die Folter spannen. Hier ist der Link zu meiner neuen Geschichte. Auf ins nächste Abenteuer!

Der Weg führt ins Unbekannte


Eine Faustregel beim Schreiben von literarischen Texten

Hallo du. Ja genau. Du!

Hat dir meine letzte Kurzgeschichte gefallen? Willst du mehr? Ich habe eine weitere für dich zum lesen. Wenn dich meine erste Erzählung inspiriert hat, ist dieser Text genau das Richtige für dich. Er wird dir beim Schreiben deiner eigenen Geschichte helfen.

Na, neugierig geworden?

Beim Klicken auf unten stehenden Link wirst du direkt zur Geschichte transferiert. Viel Vergnügen beim Lesen!

Eine Faustregel beim Schreiben von literarischen Texten

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Good ideas for a happy, rainy day


Rain can be depressing, and it is widely known that sunshine is so much better for your health. We are not in the position to change the weather conditions, but we may organize our own day.

So, if you do not know what to do on this gloomy day, you should read the following lines and pick the ideas you like to make this day a great one.

When it is raining on your day off, time seems to stop. There seem to be entire hours, days, weeks, years ahead, right?

Then, why don’t you want to slowly start off your day? I know, you want to make the most of your day! You are like me; or, more generally, society. Here’s the big BUT. You probably have stress during your working days, even though you love your job or at least you find it decent. There, you always must give your best! You always must be present mentally! You must perform well! You must get better at what you are doing! You must get into a higher position! WHAT?! NO! STOP!!! Take a break. Breathe deeply, and then think about it again. Can this be healthy? Do you really want to keep going like that? I do not know about your body, but mine is giving me signs when pressure becomes too much. When this happens though, it is usually too late to pause. Do you want to know what my body does to me when it surrenders? It gives me headaches, makes me feel anxious, dizzy, gives me the urge to vomit because it makes my stomach recoil, my shoulders and neck tense, my back hurting. Those are just a ‘few’ signs. Eventually, it will make you sick. It makes you sick when you never halt. You might have a break down; a burnout. This is something I want to avoid. You do, too – hopefully. I would like to point something out: It is not your body who is making you sick and it is no other person; it is you and only you.

Now, you know why you should have a slow start into your day. How would you do that? I do not know, but I can tell you what I did. I woke up around 7:30 pm (my alarm clock was set for noon) and felt entirely tired. That’s why I decided not to get up just then. I tried to fall asleep again, but my mind was awake already. So, I got to the point where I was tired, but not about to go back to sleep. I did not want to get up, either. The reason was tiredness (not laziness). I wanted to do me good while lying in bed and put on some music. I searched for morning awake music / happy morning etc. At the beginning, the music was smooth. Then, when I couldn’t stay in bed anymore (the society thing), I put on a faster song (Tik Tok by Kesha) to start me going.

I was hungry and stepped into the kitchen. Here is the next idea for you on a rainy day (after chilling longer in bed with wake-up music): Cook yourself your favorite breakfast you usually do not have time for (society) or do not take the time for (your decision). It is YOUR day today! The rain is depressing enough, so do not even dare to think about calories this morning. F*** of your shape in this moment! Put your shame aside and cook your waffles with lots of cream, sugar and berries or make those pancakes with normal flower instead of whole wheat! I am being a little bit contradictory now. You would not even notice if I did not tell you, but let me be honest: I did try to eat healthy and I did try to meet my calorie demand this morning. BUT I might aim for something else than most of you. I want to gain weight and now I do not care if it’s through unhealthy fat or clean food, even though I do prefer the latter, because you will not have any bad conscience at all ha-ha. BUT let me tell you: Even though my food was decent / healthy enough, I cooked a meal that I really enjoyed and that I normally do not make when I work. I made scrambled eggs and had two slices of rice and chickpea crispbread with it. The meal was accompanied by a coffee and after I had finished that, I ate a banana as desert. Making breakfast this morning took me longer than on a working day or maybe on a sunny day (because of the society; because you need to get out of the house as early as you can to get a nice tan, right?), but it was worth it.

I also wanted to start the day with good spirits. How did I do that? Well, a good friend once suggested a person to me. Her name is Louise Hay and you might have heard of her already. She does morning & evening meditations, positive affirmations, and a lot more. If you are interested in her work, search for her on YouTube. I have listened to her three times at the most, but I do know that it cannot damage me. I am not a person who is able to sit still for a very long time; usually. I am not hyperactive, but I like to be on the go. Even though, it might be the best way to do it, I could never stay in bed for half an hour after waking up and do meditation. Well, maybe I could. If I tried daily… Anyways, during I was enjoying my breakfast for quite some time, I listened to one of the morning mediations by Louise Hay and I guess I felt comfortable and slightly inspired. If you have not noticed, meditation is another suggestion to spend a rainy day.

After breakfast, I usually go to the bathroom before I put on clothes. That’s what I did this morning, too. Talking about outfits, when was the last time you did laundry? Is it possible that it has been a while, because there had been sunny days and gatherings, or was there just not enough time? If your answer is ‘yes’, you know what I will recommend you in a minute. Exactly! Do laundry! It does not cost you much time and personally, I would not want to do laundry on a sunny day. That would be a waste of time! I would wait until the evening when the sun would be down. Do you see the problem? You will be able to do only one machine, because you must sleep early to be ready for work the next morning. Or you possibly would have a headache because of too much sun and beers. Even though you hate doing laundry (it is not my favorite thing to do, either), a rainy day is the perfect time to do it!

While walking through your house, flat or apartment to reach the washing machine, did you look around? I did not have to look around, since I had already known that something that could make me more comfortable here is missing. How about your living situation? Do you want to hang up any pictures in your bedroom? Do you already have suitable frames? Would you like to put a new vanity table in your bedroom? Is your living room very spacious, but still quite empty? Is there a couch missing? Would you like to get new flowers (or anything) that refresh(s) the room? Or, let me think in other terms: Is there anything that needs to be cleaned? Kitchen? Bathroom? As you probably already assume, some of the ideas have been in my head for quite some time. I might put a fauteuil in my room at some point, but today I do not want to go to any furniture stores (maybe you do). I want to get flowers and a vase to bring some color into our living room and this is what I will do later. For my wardrobe, I will buy hangers on the same go (oh my gosh, I have been wanting to do it for several months now. I have so many pieces of clothes! Plus, it’s been on my nerves for quite some time until now). About cleaning areas: I’ve just made a mess hanging up my clothes. A classic: I had forgotten to empty my pockets.

Oh god, I have so many ideas! Now, there is some anxiety that I will not be able to do it all today. I know, I could save some stuff for other rainy days, but I am so inspired right now.

The next thought might not be for everyone. It is mostly for those who bring their own food to work; maybe especially those who are working shifts (so do I). If you have read earlier posts written by me, you know that I have big goals when it comes to gym and my body. This means that I must eat a lot and preferably lean food. On my job, there are few opportunities to have big meals or meals that could meet my demand of proteins and/or other nutrients. Consequently, I must prepare my meals ahead. I just do not take the time to do so on a regular basis, even though I find cooking okay. The best day to prepare meals is today! Or, if it is sunny when you read this, on a rainy day. No regret standing in the kitchen for 2-3 hours then. Maybe you do not like cooking, but you will be motivated by the thought of all the delicious meals you will have at your work site. Then, cooking will not feel like a command anymore.

This brings me to the next proposal: Go grocery shopping. I know it is necessary sometimes; no matter if it is sunny or cloudy outside. However, I am happier to go on a gloomy day than on a day with a clear sky. I have not been grocery shopping for quite some time and since I am running out of eggs, I should at least go and get me some fruits for my “Müsli”. There is also the stuff to buy that I have mentioned earlier. Then, I do not have enough leggings to go to gym. I know, that’s horrible, right? You shouldn’t be washing your pairs of leggings every second day because you train that often! Plus, I was given a gift card for a sports store about a year ago. Today, I have no excuse to let go this opportunity. My point is: Go shopping on a rainy day! It doesn’t matter if you need something or not. If you do not, you could also be doing window shopping without buying anything!

Have you gotten tired after reading so much about activities on a rainy day? Well, I do not care! I make you continue reading. My next inspiration is exactly for when you get tired. Have you been suggested any good movies, operas, or books lately? If you are curious about them, today is the day. Watch that movie! Read that book! Start your series marathon! There is no better time than on a rainy day. It is even better doing it during the day than at night, since you might have to go to work the next morning. Tired? Then follow my recommendation right now and when you want to continue reading my article, do it! You have the entire time in this world. Keep that in mind. It is your day off. There is more leisure time to come.

If you think this is being lazy, how about you get productive? You could start or continue a project. I do not know what you like and maybe, you do not know, either. Therefore, I tell you what being productive means to me. For me, it is writing texts. I either think of themes to write about on my blog or I do short stories. I like writing so much once I have ideas for the articles or stories. If this is nothing for you, then why don’t you write a gratitude journal? You could also think of all the compliments people made to you within the past week and then jot them down for you somewhere. Or, do you maybe have dreams? If so, start remembering and registering them.

You could also do a scrap book. In my case, it would be a photo album. I hope you have read my blog posts about Panama. It was an 18-days-trip and I came back at the end of April. My small project is to design a photo album about those days. This would be the perfect choice for a rainy day; remembering sunny days and good times. It will take up most of my day, I suppose. Do you want to know why? Yes? No? I will tell you. There are pictures around everywhere. I took pictures with my canon camera, with the Iphone, I received pictures via my mobile, email and Instagram and I am pretty sure I will find more posted on Facebook. As you probably can imagine, it will take up time to collect them all, sort them out, make a choice of the best prints and design the photo album. Since the easiest way to do this is sitting at a desk and because most of the pictures remind me of good vibes, it is a perfect task to shine some light on this dark day.

I have another solution to a bad mood on rainy days. Earlier, I had talked about the pace of today’s society; today’s world. I had also explained to you why sometimes it is important to come to a halt on your day off. Some months ago, on a rainy day like this, I was feeling very sad. I was new in town, had a new job and no friends near me. After days of doing nothing except for pitying myself (when I did not have to work), I decided to change something. Therefore, I was trying to find activities that I could do on my own. It was also a time when I felt like I did not know what doings make me happy. I thought back to my childhood asking myself what I liked back then. I remembered that I was quite creative: I copied Pokémon and other cartoons, invented stories, headlines and was going to be an inventor. Since I remembered that among all those things I liked to color a lot, I went out and got myself a coloring book. The title was eye-catching as hell: Stress releasing. I bought it and now I have an activity for rainy (and sunny) days that should help me to relax at the same time. It can’t be that bad, right? If you agree, try it the next rainy day!

Do you need more ideas? There you have two: Update your music on your iphone, ipod, laptop or anything the like. We all know that downloading songs and name them needs a lot of time and patience. Talking about me now, I really want to download the latest reggaetón and latin songs. Then, I need good playlists for working out at gym and go running. How about you? Do you need to do something similar? It could be relaxing songs or audible books as well…No matter what, but do it!

Here is a more personal thought. Since I’ve been working a lot with my laptop today, I noticed that I really must buy a new one. If not, I continue being annoyed (you might know already that I am very impatient). So, I will buy a new one (my flat mate suggested one to me that meets my needs). Here is what I must do first: Going through my laptop, save important things to my hard disk and delete all the unnecessary stuff on this machine.

Wow, how fast my day passed! It is a good time to stop throwing thoughts at you now, because, ironically, the sun starts to come out now; almost at 5 pm.

Maybe, on another day, I’ll tell you what infinite possibilities you will have on sunny days 😊.

Sorry, but here, the sun has vanished again, which leads me to yet another plan: Why not studying that language you have always wanted to learn? Now the time has come! Start with all your dreams you can easily execute on a rainy day!

These were my last words; well, not quite. However, I would like to come to an end now.

Please, let me know what YOU are doing on rainy days if it is nothing from the above. I am also wondering if you like my suggestions or if you totally disagree. All opinions and comments regarding the written are welcome. I would be happy to have a discussion here.

Kurzgeschichte: Der Tag, an dem Rolf alles veränderte

Lieber Leser, liebe Leserin

Vielen Dank, dass du wieder meinen Blog besuchst. Es freut mich, dass er dir gefällt.

Bei einem älteren Text sprach ich von Leidenschaft (englisch passion). Ich finde es äusserst wichtig, dass wir genau diese finden und verfolgen im Leben, auch wenn es manchmal sehr schwierig ist.

Ein Hobby von mir ist das Texten; mitunter ein Grund, warum ich mich für einen eigenen Blog entschied. Wobei, dieser hat noch ganz andere Gründe. Im Vordergrund steht das glücklich sein. Wenn wir es nicht schaffen, im Leben glücklich zu sein, leiden wir. Das möchte ich nicht und deswegen versuche ich, meine Leidenschaften auszuüben, wenn auch nicht immer ganz regelmässig. Eine Sache, die mir, nebst dem Verfassen des Blogs, Spass macht, ist das Erfinden und Niederschreiben von Geschichten. Darin kann ich mich während Stunden verlieren. Genau das nenne ich Passion. Manchmal spiele ich mit dem Gedanken, irgendwann einmal ein Buch zu veröffentlichen. Ein Buch, das die Leser und Leserinnen begeistert und inspiriert. So weit bin ich aber noch lange nicht. Ich beginne immer wieder ein Buch, schreibe mehrere Seiten, breche aber wieder ab beziehungsweise mache lange Pausen. Für alles habe ich eben einfach auch nicht die Zeit. Ein Grossteil meiner Freizeit widme ich dem Sport. Weil ich aber eben das Schreiben nicht ganz aufgeben wollte, hatte ich während ein paar Monaten an kleinen Schreibwettbewerben teilgenommen. Diese sollten mich “zwingen”, tatsächlich Geschichten zu Ende zu bringen, wenn auch “nur” Kurzgeschichten mit einer maximalen vorgegebenen Anzahl an Zeichen. Letztes Jahr wurde jeweils der erste Satz vorgegeben, dieses Jahr ein Bild. Somit wurde mir ein Anstoss gegeben, was mir half, weil ich manchmal schon den Anfang nicht half. Ich sah die monatlichen Wettbewerbe also als eine gute Möglichkeit an, mich im Schreiben zu verbessern und es beizubehalten. Schade war, dass ich, ausser der Rückmeldung, ob ich gewonnen hatte oder nicht, keine Rückmeldung zu meinen Texten erhielt (ich habe aber auch nie nachgefragt).

Nun möchte ich einfach einmal schauen, was passiert, wenn ich meine Geschichten hier veröffentliche. Reaktionen würden mich sehr freuen, ob positiv oder konstruktiv negativ.

Falls du das gerne tun würdest, habe ich unten ein Kontaktformular eingefügt.

Meine erste Geschichte des Schreibwettbewerbs letzten Jahres findest du im Anhang. Ich hoffe, die Erzählung gefällt dir.

Der Tag an dem Rolf alles veränderte