Say stop to negative thoughts

Here comes another link that inspired me! What can YOU add to that?

Go to:

I just found a very interesting article regarding the theme in my blog post. There is also a video to it.

Glücklich und zufrieden sein

Focus on the positive in life

Thank you for visiting this blog entry. ‘Focus on the positive’. This is today’s goal. It is mine and it might be yours, too. To me, it is a very important one. It isn’t an easy task and I won’t be able to reach it in one day. Yeah, you might be thinking I am crazy. My title is ‘focus on the positive’ and you must be thinking that I am not doing that. When I am talking about not being able to reach my goal in one day, that doesn’t mean that I won’t have any success today. It means that I can’t completely change my mind within a few hours only. It depends on the focus you have been setting in your life for years. It also depends on how strong you have been in all your life until today. I would say it also depends on the…

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8 thoughts on “Say stop to negative thoughts

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