Say stop to negative thoughts

Focus on the positive in life


Thank you for visiting this blog entry. ‘Focus on the positive’. This is today’s goal. It is mine and it might be yours, too. To me, it is a very important one. It isn’t an easy task and I won’t be able to reach it in one day. Yeah, you might be thinking I am crazy. My title is ‘focus on the positive’ and you must be thinking that I am not doing that. When I am talking about not being able to reach my goal in one day, that doesn’t mean that I won’t have any success today. It means that I can’t completely change my mind within a few hours only. It depends on the focus you have been setting in your life for years. It also depends on how strong you have been in all your life until today. I would say it also depends on the people that have been surrounding you. But be careful! Of course, your friends, family and work colleagues might help rising your confidence and make you feel better when they are praising you, but at the end it is not them who will change your mind, your life and therefore your happiness, but it’s YOU and it is ONLY YOU!

It all starts with YOUR OWN understanding. You must notice when you are losing your grip on life and believe me, you will. I did and so will you – if you do (losing your grip). I hope not though. However, you will see that it only helps you to understand your life and mind better. It also makes you stronger and you will gain a lot of experience. Do you want to know how I noticed that I had lost my grip on life? There is my answer: I started to be unhappy at some point in my life. Until today, I can’t tell when it all started, but it definitely did once. It continued. You can’t really ask for people to understand your emotions, because they have no clue how you might be feeling unless they are very sensitive themselves. When you don’t find out why you’re sad all the time and your friends and family can’t tell you, either, then you will feel even worse. That’s what at least I did: feeling lonely and unhappy. Knowing that no one can help you but yourself. Understanding that you have to fight on your own, that at the end, it will only be you. Friends and family might be present, but they can’t help you with everything. It is you and not your surroundings. The conditions might be very bad, but it is YOU who decides how you will respond to them. Imagine this: It is summer and you have planned to go swimming the next day. You wake up in the morning and it is raining heavily. Now, do you think about the fact that you will not be able to go swimming and that the whole day will be a bad one and that you can’t have fun? OR do you just take the new situation as it is, putting on your booties, your rain coat and go out dancing in the rain and laughing out loud?

You must understand that it is the second one you should be choosing at this point. If you had asked me two years ago, I would have chosen the first one without any hesitation. Today, I would probably choose something in between.

It took me a lot of time until I realized that I had to change something. No, not SOMEthing, but a lot. That step was probably the most important one – and the hardest. It wasn’t just realization, either. It was my DECISION to make a change. I knew that I wanted to enjoy life again. What I didn’t know was how I would get to that point. There was not only one solution to the problem. There were tons of them and believe me, I tried a lot. Some of them worked out, some of them didn’t. It was definitely not an easy time, but let me tell you this: Once you set your mind to something, you’re going to achieve your goal. Eventually. It might take years though. The reason why you got to that low point in your life is because you did neither treat yourself well nor your mind. That is fatal! It really is. At such a point, it is not easy to change your mind. Again, once you DECIDED that you want to change something because everything is wrong, this thought starts to build up in your mind. It would still be weak though. Your mind can just be strong when YOU feed it with positive thoughts. Or if you think there isn’t any, then you must try to find the good of a seemingly hopeless situation. Like I said, changing your mind at such a state is hard, but it will get stronger. It will become powerful. It will become more powerful each day, but YOU have to make it powerful. For that, you need to be strong. I know, you can’t always be strong. I wasn’t, either. There were many fallbacks, but each of them will make you stronger. If you focus on your mind again, after each throwback, then you will make it more powerful.

I am still not where I want to be, but I am trying to focus on the positive things in life each day, even if they are small. Today for instance, I was happy being outside and I felt unbelievable when I was walking through the trees with their colorful leaves and observed the angle of the sun light. I can’t even describe the feeling. So, if such situations happen in my life, then I am trying to hold that feeling and picture.

I had to find methods – ways that would lead me to getting a powerful mind that will be able to focus on the positive in my life. I am still learning each day and I am still looking for more and better options. What you never should do, is surrendering. It is not worth it. It might hurt your family and your closest friends, because they don’t want to see you unhappy. So if you think you can’t no more and if you don’t see any sense in trying, then think about what it would do to the people that truly love you.

Are you looking for methods as well? If so, then please read the next part of my entry as also. I shortly explain you two things you could try.

  1. Buy yourself a notebook and write down at least five positive things each day. Do you know what my problem here is? I don’t do this if I feel perfectly at ease or if I am feeling down again. Try to avoid that! So do I… it is just not working out very well at the moment.
    Can you imagine why you shouldn’t be like me?
    I tell you. If your day is going really well, then you probably have a lot of positive thoughts. If you jot them down, then you could read them all over again when you’re feeling down. They would show you that life has its sunny sides, too.
    If you are depressive on certain days, then looking for positive things and finding them will make your mind stronger again. Your mind will start learning how to find the positive in each situation. Now, isn’t that what we exactly want?You don’t have to do this, but maybe it’s worth a try. Usually, what is written on paper, stays on your mind for longer if you really focus on that task.
  2. Each time you notice a negative thought is starting to get to your mind, you should think of a red surface, a red stop sign, a policeman holding up his hand wearing a red glove or anything similar to that. It is important to stop negative thoughts before they get the chance to building up. After that, you think of a blank surface. It will clear your mind. It will calm you down. It will set your mind at peace, so that you will be able to focus on the positive again.

I would like to give you another example in my life that shows how powerful a mind can be. An easy example is sports. If, after half an hour of running fast, I think I could go no longer, then I will start to feel exhausted and hurt, BUT if after half an hour I tell myself that I will be able to go for ten more minutes and when I really focus on setting my mind to it, then I will actually be able to go for fifteen more minutes.

I hope that now you agree how powerful YOUR mind can be and how it will help you to become HAPPIER IN LIFE if you FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE.

For all the Germans:
Willst du glücklich sein im Leben? Wenn ja, dann denk bitte daran, dass DEINE Denkweise sehr mächtig sein kann. DU entscheidest. DU steuerst deine Gedanken. DU bist für dein eigenes Glück verantwortlich. NUR DU. Also versuche, dich in DEINEM Leben auf das Positive zu fokussieren. Eine positive Denkweise verändert so viel. Eben: Alles zum POSITIVEN. Finde deine für dich passende Methode, um deine Denkweise weiterhin zu stärken, damit du negative Gedanken ausblenden kannst beziehungsweise dich dem Positiven im Leben zuwendest und dadurch glücklich sein wirst.

Now I am interested in your opinion. Do you believe in a powerful mind? Do you think it is possible to fully change your mind at some point? Do you think you could be happier if you created a powerful mind? Do you think life would be easier? Do you think you would have more success in life? Do you use any methods regarding this subject in life?

Do you totally disagree with all that I said before?

Feel free to leave me a comment.

If you’re still searching for that one person who will change your life, take a look in the mirror.



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