Ein Café zum glücklich sein – A café to be happy.


Dear reader,

Are you a coffee and breakfast lover? Do you just want to enjoy perfect atmosphere and be happy? Than THIS is the place to be!

I am sure everyone would love to visit Zürich. There is a secret tip of mine: The “Kafi Dihei”.

This café is very cozy to be modest. Personally, I am a big fan of their wallpaper! It does not just aim for old people as you can see and guys, when I was there, there were also men. No, you’re wrong. They hadn’t been dragged by their girlfriends. It was their own choice. They seem as they like to be there.

The Kafi Dihei in Zürich lifts your spirits. Its staff is very friendly and we had not been waiting long for our delicious breakfast. They have many different meals that you can Chose from and not just breakfast! They also serve burgers and such.

It does not matter if you meet with a friend or a total stranger! You’ll feel comfortable nonetheless. Even if you go there on your own, you will be at ease. It probably will be easy to get into a chat with your neighbors. If you just want to be in great surroundings, but don’t mind not being in touch with others, then why don’t you just go towards there bathrooms? Yeah, I know that right now, you are thinking that this is the stupidest you’ve ever read. Well, I didn’t mean that you should spend time in the restrooms. You will be stopped before in any case, because on a neat table before the bathroom door, you certainly will find a Magazine interesting to you. Then you will directly return to your place.

Are you not convinced yet even though I’ve told you about the great interior, the friendly staff, and the delicious breakfast they serve?

Don’t judge me or anyone. Why wouldn’t you even go to try? Do you really prefer sitting at the same place you like all the time? I think THIS is stupid. You will miss so much if you won’t get out of your comfort zone. You will not be happier if you try.

To all my German speaking followers: Ihr wollt doch auch glücklich sein, oder? Dann rate ich euch: Probiert dieses Kaffee aus. Ihr müsst ja nicht Stunden dort bleiben, aber einen Versuch, um glücklich zu sein, ist es wert. Wenigstens für eine Weile könnt ihr dort glücklich sein. Das verspreche ich euch. Denn es ist auch mein persönliches Ziel, glücklich zu sein. Sonst würde ich diesen Blog nicht führen.

Kafi Dihei Zürich – Kafi, Bar, Restaurant – Kreis 3


5 thoughts on “Ein Café zum glücklich sein – A café to be happy.

  1. I used to work for Starbucks, so to be honest I don’t know a lot of other cafés. Now I’m intrigued, and even though it’s time for lunch right now, I want to check out “Dihei” 🙂


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