Eat and be happy – Glücklich sein durch Essen


Hi guys,

this time I would like to talk about how eating can make you happy. Of course, some people eat too much or unhealthy all the time and then they get depressed because they think they have gotten too fat.

Well, you already now that I am focusing on the positive all the time. This is what I will also do in this post. Forget about my second written sentence quickly! I will show you how eating can make you happy, too.

Ja lieber Leser, ich zeige dir, wie du dank einem guten Essen glücklich sein kannst.

Back to English.

A few days ago I came back from a great vacation. I had been in a surf camp in Bali. If you follow my blogs regularly, then you already know. If not, this might be a good time for you to read my past posts. In Bali, there had always been people around me whom I had been able to talk to or sing with. They had been so much fun and you had never been alone.

When I arrived in Zürich after my vacation, it was a gloomy day. I came back to my small apartment where I am living on my own. Plus, I have not been living in this town all my life long and therefore, I do not know many persons here. I got sad.

A few days later, I decided to set a stop to this situation. I started to think of whom I know here and of how I could combine social life with something more that makes me happy. Can you guess what this is? Yes, you are right! It is eating.

After Bali, I thought I could enjoy some typical Swiss food. Then I remembered a restaurant in Zürich: The Zeughauskeller. Once, a hotel guest told me that their “Wienerschnitzel” are famous.

I texted a friend and we met at the above-mentioned place about two days later.

Do you like to test restaurants that are still unknown to you? If you are either living in Zürich or visiting it and if you like to eat as well, then this place is the right one for you, too. You also have the wish to be happy in life? Well, the Zeughauskeller does it. At least for one evening or noon, but it is worth it!

I enjoyed company during a delicious traditional Swiss meal. No, I am not a patriot, but the “Zürich Gschnetzeltes” did show me that living in Switzerland, even in Zürich, is not THAT bad. It made me feel better. The dish tickled my palate. Are you also a Sweets lover? I am telling you that I am. Of course, I had a desert. It was “Coup Dänemark”, one of my favourites. I loved the food and it put a smile onto my face. It made me happy. Es machte mich glücklich.

The combination of food and social get togethers is so worth it! It is not even about the food. Well, it is. At least, a little bit. If I did not say so now, I would disagree with myself. But really, enjoying a delicious meal AND having good company is a small thing that makes you happy and you may be thankful for that. It is the small things that help you to be happy in life. Believe me.

Ja, glaub mir. Auch die kleinen Dinge helfen einem, glücklich zu sein.

Was sind die kleinen Freuden, die dir helfen, glücklich zu sein? What small things are there that make you happy? Maybe your ideas will help others, too.

Just leave a comment here.

Are you looking forward to my upcoming posts? Soon, there will be one dedicated to Surfing – including a new interview with a professional surf guide. Do not miss that!





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