Glücklich sein nach Urlaubsende – Become happy again after the end of a journey

Blog nach den Ferien

Liebe Freunde

Ich werde diesen Beitrag in Englisch verfassen, um möglichst viele Gleichgesinnte anzusprechen.

Dear friend or traveler,

I appreciate that you are visiting my blog. I hope you will be able to identify yourself with this text.

Before I start giving any advice, you must know my recent history. Maybe you have read earlier posts. In one of them I talked about my upcoming surf trip. I went to Bali for twelve days in total and I had a wonderful time. I could follow my hobby (surf), was able to be relaxed during the whole time and had lots of fun.

Well, each journey ends. So did mine – unfortunately. I arrived in Switzerland on September 27th and I literally asked myself what I was doing in this cold country where you always must be present at work and where you have a lot of responsibilities and pressure.

It is the 30th now and I slowly get used to being back again. Do you want to know how I did that? Well, at first you must give yourself time. Be kind and patient with yourself. Do not put any pressure on you and try to hold the relaxed Feeling you had while being on vacation.

On my arrival day, I sat on my couch for hours, to reminisce. I did not move. I felt like being torn out of my world, like I did not belong here anymore. It reminded me a little bit of a shock. Let me tell you something: It is okay. There is nothing wrong about it. It is the normal course of life. It is not surprising that YOU also feel empty, almost scared, and insecure after the trip. You might feel like a stranger in your own home. It might sound funny to you, but just wait on your soul to arrive. Usually, while travelling, you gain so many new impressions and everything passes quickly. It is understandable that you will be waiting on your soul back home.

Now, let me give you some tips.

You could have “organized” satisfiable wishes to “land” smoothly in everyday life again. So, before leaving the location of your vacation or, if you are on the more spontaneous side, on the plane, think about what you will need once you will be back home. It could be time for yourself, to digest, look at photos, slowly settling down, unpack, wash, hang out with a friend, go back to work soon, go on dates or scoop ice cream.

It could be anything. You must find out for yourself.

Personally, I was sitting around for a long time on my arrival day. I also went to an appointment and later, I visited my parents. Therefore, I did not feel lonely in my empty apartment for too Long. One day later, I attended a Meeting and made lots of appointments. I kept myself busy. After that, I already went back to work.

I do not know if you are the same type and if the four lines above will work for you too, but what you can be sure of is, that it helps, if you try to start slow on everything. Give yourself the time you need to be fully present and keep patient.

As time passes, you will fit into “normal” life, the “reality” again and you will be happy even though your vacation is over.

Ja, lieber Freund, liebe Freundin oder allgemein liebe Reisende, ihr könnt auch nach den Ferien glücklich sein. Das dürft ihr mir gerne glauben.


13 thoughts on “Glücklich sein nach Urlaubsende – Become happy again after the end of a journey

  1. And the question keeps coming to my mind after traveling to other places and feeling down when it’s time to be back to reality, should I’ve traveled there at first place or would it have been better and easier just to stay where I am and know nothing about the greener grass on the other side of the planet?! However, I love exploring and traveling is one of my passions that made me who I am today! And I’m forever grateful for the opportunities given to me to travel to new places!


    • Thank you for this comment!

      Probably there are many persons asking themselves this question.

      I love travelling, too! It makes you a lot richer. You’ll never lose this memory. Learning about a new culture, get familiar with a new culture, proving that you are strong, adapting to new situations and more. You only gain experience from your trips.

      It is worth the pain that you have afterwards. It won’t last long. Soon, you’ll think about the next big journey.

      Follow your passion!


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