Kein Streben nach Perfektion, sondern nach Fortschritt!


Hey lieber Leser 🙂

Ich melde mich zurück! Bitte sei mir nicht böse, aber dieses Mal werde ich den Beitrag auf Englisch machen, um noch mehr Leuten zu helfen, im Leben glücklich zu werden.

Dear reader,

Thank you so much for visiting my blog post. I hope you will agree with me about the next few lines.

Are you very ambitious in your life? Are you always doing the best you can? Do you get frustrated when you make simple mistakes? Do you strive for perfection?

If you answered all of my questions with ‘yes’ then it might be worth to change something in your thinking. I am like you! I answered every one of my questions positively.

Let me tell you this: Perfection should not be the goal in our lives. It will devastate you, because it is NOT possible! We tend to forget this easily.

This pursue of perfection stresses you out. Plus, frustration and sadness will finally take over. In such a state, you will do lots of mistakes because you would only be focusing on the negative. You will get cross with yourself again thus to the errors you did. This stresses you even more.

Can you see the pattern? Do you understand that you would go round in circles?

Once my boss told me:

Sometimes good is good enough!

Can you understand the message? We cannot always be perfect. Sometimes we are doing well in our jobs, relationships and lives in general. So, why searching for perfection? There is no point I am telling you! It just will destroy you. The solution is to strive for PROGRESS! Each day will be better than the one before and that does not mean that the one before sucked.

Do never give up! Work hard on yourself, but do not get too hard on yourself. Try to get better each day – in whatever you will be doing.

I have an example for you: I just have started for training. I have not really craweld in the water before, but now I do in order to get stronger arms for surfing. Correct! Getting strongER not strong. Do you see the difference? I do not want to be doing this perfectly now. The time is too short anyways. I am leaving for the surf camp in three weeks. However, I do seek progress. This is why I am going to the lake or swimming pool more often these days. To make small progress every day. To have more power every day.

Please remember: STRIVE FOR PROGRESS AND NOT PERFECTION. It will make you so much happier in life! You will get better more easily than when you strive for perfection!

Liebe deutschsprachige Leser, dies will noch auf Deutsch gesagt sein: Strebt nach FORTSCHRITT und NICHT NACH PERFEKTION! Erfreut euch an jedem kleinen Fortschritt. Von heute auf Morgen wirst du nicht alles können und es werden immer mal wieder Fehler passieren. Falls es dich tröstet: Das geht uns allen so.

Mit diesem Gedanken aber, wirst du sooooo viel glücklicher sein, als wenn du denkst, es könne alles perfekt sein; du dir sagst, du könntest perfekt sein. Das funktioniert nicht! Oder denkst du etwa schon?

Also Fortschritt ist der beste Weg, um glücklich zu sein. Hab Geduld! Ich verspreche dir: Du wirst von Tag zu Tag glücklich sein.

Liebe Grüsse / Kind regards,


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Would be delighted to read some of your comments here.




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