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Being happy and satisfied

To enjoy life – to fight grief – to be happy on your own – at peace with oneself – no more boredom.

This is what my blog is about!

More detailed:

I hope that you understand that the main subject of my blog is happiness. I want you to become, be and stay happy. To reach that, I will be discussing different topics. It could be about art, music, sports, food, politics, or other subjects. The aim of each one of them though is, to connect them to happiness. What could make you happy? In what way could make you one or another topic happy? Could it also make you sad? If so, what can you do about it?

It is a subject that bothers a big part of our population nowadays. People might be happy on the outside, but there are many persons like you and me, who are crackling on the inside and might not know how to become happy.

My blog should make people aware of the problem. I want people to start thinking about themselves and life. I am not forcing anyone and I know that too much thinking can destroy, too. It is and stays your own decision.

My biggest wish is to make you feel good and to help you to become and feel what you want to. I am open to comments, discussions, mails, and I would love you to follow my blog, so that you will always be updated. Your opinion is important. Your life. Your decisions. Your happiness.